I need help with this XOXCO code!

We get a lot of email about our open source code projects, and we try to reply to every single one.

In order to get you the help you need as fast as we can, please read over this guide before sending us an email.

Is this a bug report or feature request?

The best way to tell us about a bug you've encountered, or a feature you'd like to see added to our code is to open an issue on the Github project page. This ensures that we will see your request, and everyone involved in the project will be able to help you.

If you can fix the bug or add the feature, please do so yourself and submit a pull request! We roll in pull requests on a regular basis, and we'd love to have your help.

jQuery Tags Input Issue List

jQuery Multipage Form Issue List

Breakpoints.js Issue List

Rainbow.js Issue List

Dockable.js Issue List

Radial.js Issue List

I need personal help!

XOXCO is a very small team, and we are all busy. But we like to hear from people who are using our code, and we'll try to help you if we can.

In order for us to help you with your specific code question, we need you to demonstrate the problem you are having. You can do this in two ways:

Send us a live link to your code running somewhere, preferably some place that does not require any registration or secret passcodes. The email address is here.


Recreate the problem in a jsFiddle. jsFiddle is a tool that makes it easy for us to share little pieces of HTML, Javascript and CSS.

We have created templates for our most popular code products - all you have to do is click below, and modify the code so that you can reproduce the problem you are having. Then, once can reproduce the bug, send us a link to the jsFiddle you created, and we'll help you fix it!

Further instructions are included within the jsFiddle template.

Start a jQuery Tags Input help request

Start a jQuery Multipage Form help request

Start a Rainbow.js help request

We are for hire!

Do you have technology problem that is bigger than a bug report?

XOXCO is a product design and development firm. We specialize in early stage product design, rapid prototyping, and product strategy. We are also available for private training and planning sessions. Start here.

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